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Battle for Middle earth II
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#3 Eol defeats #2 uH 1v1
#5 uH defeats #2 Eol 1v1
#5 uH defeats #2 Eol 1v1
#2 Eol defeats #5 uH 1v1
#3 4J| defeats #1 SVT 1v1
#4 SVT defeats #1 4J| 1v1
#2 4J| defeats #4 SVT 1v1
#3 4J| defeats #4 SVT 1v1
#5 uH defeats #8 1984 1v1
#6 uH defeats #8 1984 1v1
#1 Eol defeats #4 SVT 1v1
#3 Eol defeats #4 SVT 1v1
#4 4J| defeats #3 SVT 1v1
#4 SVT defeats #3 4J| 1v1
#2 Eol defeats #4 SVT 1v1
#2 Eol defeats #4 SVT 1v1
#4 4J| defeats #3 SVT 1v1
#7 4J| defeats #3 SVT 1v1
#2 [S] defeats #1 Eol 1v1
#2 Eol defeats #1 [S] 1v1
  38 matches this tourney
  217,561 matches all-time
  163 clans in the league
  627 warriors in the league
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[SdL] +31 game win streak!
1 +18 game win streak!
LoR^ +10 game win streak!
G6 +10 game win streak!
|MaS| +7 game win streak!
[SSA] +7 game win streak!
PoW| +5 game win streak!
)DBZ( +5 game win streak!
]oT[| +5 game win streak!
AoW +5 game win streak!

  Most Recently Created Clans!
Clan KM created by thekm
Clan Connel created by Jenni
Clan AviTR created by JaSPeR
Clan A created by Patatra
Clan 2.02 created by Mr.SmoKkkk

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Troy Removed due to inactivity.
NRW Removed due to inactivity.
boats Removed due to inactivity.
N00b Removed due to inactivity.
Sexy Removed due to inactivity.
For Justice
(6 - 2) ... 823 pts.
2. Eol 819 pts.
3. uH 692 pts.
4. SVT 566 pts.
5. [S] 478 pts.
6. Aule 119 pts.
7. dU 93 pts.
8. Woo 0 pts.
9. sexy1 0 pts.
10. A 0 pts.
clan Eol
(8 - 4) ... 834 pts.
2. Ahwehawe| 680 pts.
3. FreeDooM 661 pts.
4. Picaboo 505 pts.
5. Vito 311 pts.
6. Ecthelion 92 pts.
7. YodA` 76 pts.
8. ArCh4Ng3L 0 pts.
9. PoW|Clever 0 pts.
10. AoW|Elv3nLord 0 pts.

  League Headlines
Battle for Middle earth II sees giant slain
clan wars news service  Friday, March 1, 2019
    CLAN spotlight:     [S]
4 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
    CLAN spotlight:     uH
4 stars
 Currently on a -1 game lose streak.
    warrior spotlight:     Vito
3 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- Night fell on the plains of Fords of Isen II as clans [S] and uH marched off the field. The quiet was in stark contrast to the war that was waged earlier in the day leaving Ahwehawe|, boss of losing clan uH searching for answers as to what went wrong for his men.

"We kept fighting and they kept lining up and fighting back, it was just brutal out there." said Ahwehawe| obviously still contemplating the outcome and visibly upset over the defeat. Over at camp [S] the revelery lasted long into the night, "Look, our clan was out there laying waste, we ravaged, we pillaged and guess what...it's just the beginning." said Vito who saw his clan go out and grab 138 big points to leave themselves positioned at #1.

"If you are a warrior then you live for days like this. I think a lot of warriors were made out on that field today – unfortunately some gave all." said Ahwehawe| of the losing clan, "our effort was there, but... well there are no buts". Both clans fought hard and were deserving of a win, but in the end only one can come out victorious. For [S] this could be a sprinboard to the coveted clanwars cup. At press time there were 30 days left in the tournament. For complete match details go here 221930
  Admin Notes
Rules update & refresh.
BFME2 Admin Team   5/3/2018

 Almost all the rules have been reworked to ease it's understanding and to cover "blind holes" that used to rely on simple sportmanship, good faith or extreme adminis dependence. The updates offer more "self regulation" and transparency regard admini job.
Last month we precisely had a little issue with this simple rule. You must save all your replays!. Specially the games you hipotetically play the last day of the tournament period.
RULE: #10
*Players and clans must save all replays throughout a tournament period, both loses and wins. Upon request, replays should be provided to a BFME2 Admin. Players can delete their replays after 7 days of the tournament period having reseted.
*Failure to produce a specific game replay, inflict Rule #1 about clanwars game conditions, or provide a old fake replay, will result in either that game being voided from the tournament or a point punishment with all it's implications regard montly prize cups. A cheating unsportsmanlike behavior can result in a suspension from the league.

April 2018 Clanwars Results
BFME2 Admin Team   5/3/2018

April was impressively the most active ClanWars tournament leage in years. Curiuosly, the 2vs2 amount of games was superior to the 1vs1 activity. 920 games were reached, last time such stats were reached was February of 2015.
 The clans 1.6, Eol, Russia, [S], RECON had been clashing each other the whole month, without mention all these new clans, and of course, these new players that helped reviving the 1.09 clanwars activity.
Funny fact is the players who received the Gold, the Silver and the Bronze were literally separated by 1 point of advantage. 
6393 pts for Datryan
 6392 for Vito 
6392 for Senorito 
This 3 tourney winners have won this cups for first time. Vito has been trying hard to win Gold since the begin of this year, he hasn't achived it yet, but he has won a well deserved silver by himself and noone clans help. Datryan, a player also known by his 1vs1 skills had never aquired any tournament cup, untill through a strategical aliance he joined the Eol clan and began winning a Bronze in March, and now a very Gold in April. Senorito, a new player to 1.09, but not precisely new to bfme2 has managed to achieve a Bronze through a continuos 2vs2, whose union to the classic 1.6 clan also helped to develop his skills in 1vs1.
Another fact was that the favorites ArCh4Ng3L, Ecthelion, Scorpion or even GluteMaster, have barely appaered among the 8 bests. This is a good syndrome of new expert players coming to life and the leage being independent from the usual 1.09 spammers.
Coming up next, the warrior faction results.
Colossus... a 1.06 player with the same origin as Ecthelion and Scorpion, but whose focus was never the competitiveness of BFME2. Yet, he came back recently and moved to 1.09. In few weeks he has managed to win few games against the best players. 
Congratulations for Vito being best goblin, we can confirm he very deserves this, and of course the silver. Despite this russian player has always avoided the 2vs2 games, he has managed to improve his skill completly alone and finally has achieved good results.
 Congratulations to all winners, the 1.09 version and "long live to BFME2". 

Regard sportmanship: game ethics
Ecth   4/21/2018

There are things that canno't be Rules, but a fine community should naturalize certain game ethics for the sake of everyone.
* The lossing player should always report with factions.
* Reported matches should be reported in order, otherwise our beloved ELO system becomes something worst of what it already is. 
* Even if rules are now clearer about when a game is cw, players should aware their oponent and have it's consent to play cw.  
* Every cw game should have it's respective rematch. Rules have tried to reach to here, but it will always lay on players dispossal of time. However, when you owe a rematch, don't forget it two day next.

Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 Is Now Live
BFME2 Admin Team   4/16/2017

The long-awaited patch 1.09 has now been been released! A BIG thanks you to Valheru & his team for investing an enormous amount of time in this patch. There are lots of new special FX, sounds and models, don't forget to mention all the balance changes. Simply breathtaking!

Please note that as from April 1st 2017, this is the official Clanwars.cc patch. All Clanwars games must be played on Patrch 1.09 from April onwards. So get downloading!
(...and yeah the newpost is coming in a bit late. My apologies.)  

November clanwar Prize month
Admin team   10/27/2012

In November, i'll be sponsoring the league again in the hope of bringing the activity back during the winter months. In October we will only have around 500 games played, in comparison to other months is poor. Night & Andy need to contact me as the 31 October is approaching for there last prize dating back to September. 
November prizes how its going to be awarded.... I've been thinking of taking a different approach but using clanwars as a league to enter people for a tournament to claim the prize. I'm not doing this with Factions as people never report correctly. So my thinking is come the end of the month we'll enter the top 6 warriors AT first. Then a further 2 more will enter at random chosen by the warrior and silver warrior who win the month.
I've changed this from the normal first 3 places, I think we can have fun even after the Clanwar month ends, the new patch is perfect for this. 
This is definite and hope people will enjoy this even more. Good luck! 
  Clanwars Global News
Gamespy not reporting matches
clan wars    (3/14/2009)
Just an update on the games not reporting issue.  Gamespy is aware of the situation and they are working on getting it fixed.  Just wanted everyone to know that all important parties involved are aware and are working on the issue.

shortbus    (3/4/2009)
Please make sure you are checking the prize page monthly to see if you are eligible for a prize from CW.cc
If you are a league admin and need some extra games set aside for a special tournament or event you are planning shoot me an email.

Bracketed Tournaments online
clan wars    (10/8/2008)
The bracketed tournaments are now back online.

Remember tournaments can run 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 slots either 1v1 or clan-based.

Ask your admin to create a tournament and see who wins without any point chase to argue about.

The staff at clanwars sincerely hopes you enjoy the newly styled tournament system. Click the "tournaments" tab from your league menu to view any tournaments for your league.


Submitting Bugs
clan wars    (10/5/2008)
Thank you all for being patient while we turn up the new site and squash all the bugs that made it past QA.

Since we went live a handful of annoying bugs have been fixed; some of the most prominent ones were the upload error bug when uploading match media; deleting PM bug; gamespy auto result bug, absolving clan bug and a few others all have been fixed.

As you find new bugs, small or large, please post them here


Thanks again for your support of clanwars.cc


Edited by clan wars on 10/5/2008 9:09 PM

clan wars    (10/1/2008)
Guys - just a quick note from clanwars here regarding the gamespy auto results.  We realize match results are not being delivered and have been in contact with gamespy to get the issue resolved.  We hope to have matches reporting again shortly.

I apologize for the delay.

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