If you ALREADY HAVE A CLANWARS ACCOUNT and you have associated it with your steam account you can login by clicking the 'sign in through STEAM' button

Before Joining
About Joining
Joining Clanwars is free and easy simply fill out the form on the right. Remember a few things.

1. You only need one clanwars.cc account

Why? Because your global account is hidden; to become active in a league you create nicknames (or sub accounts). There is absolutely no reason to create a second Clanwars.cc account.

2. About sub accounts

sub accounts have no password. You simply log on globally with your clanwars.cc account go to your leagues portal and create sub accounts and access each one individually. Each sub account stores its own unique stats and can be a member of unique clans.
You can now associate your clanwars account with a steamID. This allows you to login through steam if you like and allows you to participate in some steam powered leagues more easily.
Join The Clanwars Network
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