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   9/29/2009 10:03 PM
posting in thread: (Where are the Tucker Max fans??)
They made a move about his book and website, and nothing???
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twinkle toes
   9/30/2009 2:25 PM
posting in thread: (Where are the Tucker Max fans??)
because the actor they have playing tucker max looks like he is 12 years old.
bad casting imo.
Her Ratings would drop.... far lower than yours.
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   10/1/2009 6:04 PM
posting in thread: (Where are the Tucker Max fans??)
There was a thread about this in another forum tbh..I think they are a couple years late with this movie..I srsly hadn't heard anyone mention his name since we all were quoting him like 4 years ago.
That said, I will prolly get the dvd
1. Peace out
2. Clanwars just lost a coder
3. i'm done here tbh
4. tbd

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