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#1 tM[ defeats #3 [TGN] 1v1
#1 tM[ defeats #1 [TGN] 1v1
#3 tM[ defeats #1 [TGN] 1v1
#2 {TEK} defeats #1 [TGN] 1v1
#3 tM[ defeats #2 {TEK} 1v1
#1 [TGN] defeats #1 {TEK} 1v1
#2 {TEK} defeats #1 [TGN] 1v1
#1 [TGN] defeats #1 {TEK} 1v1
#1 uLL defeats #10 carry 3v3
#1 uLL defeats #10 carry 3v3
#3 BsK defeats #4 stR 5v5
#4 stR defeats #10 carry 5v5
#4 stR defeats #10 carry 5v5
#4 stR defeats #10 carry 5v5
#1 uLL defeats #4 stR 2v2
#2 uLL defeats #4 stR 2v2
#3 uLL defeats #4 stR 4v5
#1 MEH@ defeats #2 BsK 1v1
#1 MEH@ defeats #3 uLL 1v1
#3 MEH@ defeats #1 BsK 1v1
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  50,993 matches all-time
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  508 warriors in the league
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+ +25 game win streak!
INF- +17 game win streak!
MEH@ +14 game win streak!
t[ +9 game win streak!
sZ` +8 game win streak!
asc +7 game win streak!
imp' +7 game win streak!
asc` +5 game win streak!
uLL +5 game win streak!
wCb +4 game win streak!

  Most Recently Created Clans!
Clan VALAV created by VALAV
Clan {TEK} created by Halolover
Clan [TGN] created by Pitbull!
Clan tM[ created by CrashZ
Clan Rx` created by CrashZ

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FnX Removed due to inactivity.
hc3 Removed due to inactivity.
Rx` absolved by CrashZ
N4A Removed due to inactivity.
__ Removed due to inactivity.
Twisted Minds
(4 - 0) ... 106 pts.
"Murder We Wrote^"
2. {TEK} 20 pts.
3. VALAV 0 pts.
4. 1+1= 0 pts.
5. smF` 0 pts.
6. na- 0 pts.
7. sZ` 0 pts.
8. CP 0 pts.
9. div` 0 pts.
10. r)) 0 pts.
clan tM[
halo domain
(4 - 0) ... 115 pts.
2. Halolover 20 pts.
3. TSL Papinou 0 pts.
4. x-it PunisheR 0 pts.
5. Spike 0 pts.
6. badger 0 pts.
7. atlaX' 0 pts.
8. Vanguard 0 pts.
9. Beruseruku 0 pts.
10. Breaker 0 pts.

  League Headlines
stR dominates
clan wars news service  Saturday, October 20, 2018
    CLAN spotlight:     stR
2 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
    CLAN spotlight:     uLL
Not Yet Rated
 Currently on a -1 game lose streak.
    warrior spotlight:     Maldad
3 stars
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
    warrior spotlight:     !Chuy'
Not Yet Rated
 Currently on a 1 game win streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- "Everything just fell into place today, I don't know how else to describe what happened out there" said Maldad who was savoring his clans big upset victory over uLL.

Earlier today the scene at no map selected told it all...locals were still stunned at the carnage left in the wake of the big battle claiming to have never seen the devestation they did Saturday.

"When things got quiet that’s what was the most un-nerving…you knew it was coming because everyone was regrouping and no one was giving up today." said T4zZz!! almost as if not believing what occurred out on the field today. Members of stR though felt they deserved the win and in fact expected to win "People die in war, is it unfortnate? Yes it is, but cross me and you get what you deserve." said winning warrior Maldad contemplating the days action after the smoke began to clear.

"I feel like I let the guys down out there" said fucker, boss of losing clan uLL who was last seen shaking his head in disbelief at what had just transpired out on the field. There was some reshuffling as stR picked up 152 points and moved into slot #4 after the spoils were counted. uLL was left in spot #1. Complete match details can be found here 51539
  Admin Notes
Halo PC tournament 2018
HPT-11   3/25/2009

In This HPT-DVH, i want to congratulate the Women Shot Clan 'WS', for being the first Halo Girl Clan that participate in this kind of tournament. 
 En este HPT-DVH, quiero felicitar al clan Women Shot 'WS' por ser el primer clan de chicas en particpar en este tipo de torneos. 

New signups
HPT Owner   6/15/2008

All new warriors interested in joining the league and playing competitively, please register on the HPT forums located at: HPTForum.com
You will need to contact an administrator before you can make an account on this league..simply post in league assistance sub forum of the forums.

Monthly playoffs and monthly prizes for both winning league warrior and clan, aswell as prizes for the winning clan of playoffs. Read & understand the rules!

Stay informed
hpt-420   12/5/2007

Be sure to register on http://hptforum.com to post auto reports, request match videos and to be informed about the Halo community/league in general. New prizes have been announced and HPT has sprouted a new leaf to competitive Halo PC, check out forums for more details.

Please don't forget to read the rules on the forums aswell, we have set strict rules which we expect everyone to abide by when they play in this league otherwise result in a exile from the league. We set rules to ensure everyone gets the most fun out of Halo PC.

Have fun.

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