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Zero Hour
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#7 [ApeX] defeats #4 [OoE] 1v1
#4 [OoE] defeats #7 [ApeX] 1v1
#8 -MaD| defeats #18 |Hat^ 1v1
#7 [ApeX] defeats #4 [OoE] 1v1
#8 -MaD| defeats #18 |Hat^ 1v1
#8 -MaD| defeats #18 |Hat^ 1v1
#8 Myth| defeats #6 [ApeX] 1v1
#8 -MaD| defeats #18 |Hat^ 1v1
#6 [ApeX] defeats #4 [OoE] 1v1
#8 Myth| defeats #6 [ApeX] 1v1
#8 Myth| defeats #6 [ApeX] 1v1
#18 |Hat^ defeats #8 Myth| 1v1
#6 [ApeX] defeats #8 Myth| 1v1
#4 [OoE] defeats #6 [ApeX] 2v2
#4 [OoE] defeats #6 [ApeX] 2v2
#8 Myth| defeats #6 [ApeX] 1v1
#4 [OoE] defeats #6 [ApeX] 2v2
#8 Myth| defeats #6 [ApeX] 1v1
#6 [ApeX] defeats #8 Myth| 1v1
#8 Myth| defeats #6 [ApeX] 1v1
  5,208 matches this tourney
  549,164 matches all-time
  676 clans in the league
  2,393 warriors in the league
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  Hottest Clans!
DfV2| +47 game win streak!
-Riff| +25 game win streak!
PoW| +23 game win streak!
BlooDz +21 game win streak!
-|BoD| +21 game win streak!
WwW. +20 game win streak!
UNI +19 game win streak!
'NSync +18 game win streak!
exo. +17 game win streak!
[HUN] +16 game win streak!

  Most Recently Created Clans!
Clan [SP] created by [SP]CoMMaNDO
Clan N0B created by Aloise
Clan CVG| created by KeMuR
Clan [BC] created by SARS!OmGitsMe!+
Clan -NiN created by ^JutSu^

  Most Recently Absolved Clans!
[gpU] Removed due to inactivity.
Die absolved by 1nSecT
[YK] absolved by Selvi
abc absolved by SARS!OmGitsMe!+
OLe absolved by OLe~i'LLeaTy0u`
(892 - 405) ... 18,721 pts.
2. [GoDs] 17,239 pts.
3. pLaYeR 15,354 pts.
4. [OoE] 12,356 pts.
5. Super 10,640 pts.
6. -MaD| 10,440 pts.
7. [ApeX] 10,377 pts.
8. Myth| 10,314 pts.
9. -MoD| 9,528 pts.
10. DarK 9,486 pts.
clan -HuGe|
(442 - 162) ... 11,305 pts.
2. oNe- 9,994 pts.
3. ThoR` 9,871 pts.
4. MANDALA 9,213 pts.
5. ExCaL^ 8,342 pts.
6. Odin 7,614 pts.
7. Kelevra` 6,841 pts.
8. -Ra` 6,453 pts.
9. FiReSToRM^ 6,280 pts.
10. queenmuff 6,263 pts.

only 1v1 matches used in calculation
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  League Headlines
Zero Hour numbers 111 fights
clan wars news service  Sunday, May 24, 2020
    CLAN spotlight:     -HuGe|
3 stars
 Currently on a -2 game lose streak.
    warrior spotlight:     freestyler
5 stars
 Currently on a 2 game win streak.
    warrior spotlight:     Chasm^
2 stars
 Currently on a -3 game lose streak.
 -- clanwars news wire -- The dead were being counted while numerous warriors were left sifting through the devastation looking for missing comrades. That was scene moments ago out on the front lines of Zero Hour in which at least 111 battles raged earlier in some of the heaviest fighting ever witnessed by even the hardest of veterans.

Chasm^, who was out early and saw much of the action was nearly speechless, having only this to say about the devestation that he just bore witness to "It was inhospitable out there today for anything with a pulse.". The losses took their toll on some while others were reacting with joy. Clan -HuGe| was clearly the toughest challenge out on the field today raking in 295 points and picking up 18 wins.

freestyler, boss of -HuGe| had this to say "From what I’ve tasted of victory all I know is without it you are nothing, I pity the poor souls who are too afraid to search for that within themselves. Once you do and once to see it with your own eyes nothing compares." When pressed for a plan of attack for tomorrow no one seemed to want to talk about anything other than the carnage they witnessed today. freestyler of clan -HuGe| said "I haven’t seen bloodshed like that in years, it was as if there was no God.", which seemed to sum up most of the feelings of anyone who partook in todays fierce battles.

Like it or not tomorrow is coming for these brave fighters who are laying it all on the line for the Cup. The tourney ends in 7 days.

  Admin Notes
Clanwars Report October 2012
MrX   11/6/2012

Hello Generals,

here you can read about last Clanwars Month:


Good luck and have fun on the battlefield!


Clanwars Report September 2012
MrX   10/3/2012

Hello Generals,
here you can read about last Clanwars Month:
Good luck and have fun on the battlefield!

Clanwars Recap June 2012
MrX   7/5/2012

Hello Generals,
here you can find the clanwars recap June 2012:
Included: Activity, Spam Award, 1v1 Head to head, Replay packs.


Clanwars Recap May 2012
MrX   6/2/2012

Hello Generals,
I wrote a clanwars recap about May 2012. You can read it here:

Clanwars Recap April 2012
MrX   5/1/2012

Hello Generals,
I created a recap for the clanwars month April 2012!
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  Clanwars Global News
Bracketed Tournaments online
clan wars    (10/8/2008)
The bracketed tournaments are now back online.

Remember tournaments can run 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 slots either 1v1 or clan-based.

Ask your admin to create a tournament and see who wins without any point chase to argue about.

The staff at clanwars sincerely hopes you enjoy the newly styled tournament system. Click the "tournaments" tab from your league menu to view any tournaments for your league.


Submitting Bugs
clan wars    (10/5/2008)
Thank you all for being patient while we turn up the new site and squash all the bugs that made it past QA.

Since we went live a handful of annoying bugs have been fixed; some of the most prominent ones were the upload error bug when uploading match media; deleting PM bug; gamespy auto result bug, absolving clan bug and a few others all have been fixed.

As you find new bugs, small or large, please post them here


Thanks again for your support of clanwars.cc


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