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   7/10/2018 10:24 AM
posting in thread: (Clan wars explained?)
I get that a clan war is one clan against another clan, but I need more details. Here are the following things I am looking to have answered: How many members are needed for a clan war? I can't find the clan war tab anywhere. Do I have to be in the Professional server? If I have to be in the Professional server, does that mean all my clanmates have to be in the Professional server as well? How does the format work? Is it just like a regular game only with one clan against another? Can I set appointments for clan wars? Can I specifically pick a clan to face or must I face a random clan like in Destiny and Ghost Recon Phantoms? Is there a certain variation that clans agree on (such as Echo 8 in CrossFire where clans are not allowed to use ZP items; ZP is the CrossFire equivalent of K)?
Please help.
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