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   11/27/2008 2:46 PM
posting in thread: (LAN addIcT 2009)
Hey Guys,
I just wanted to inform EVERYONE that December 27-28, 2009 is Team addIcT's annual LAN party. This year since RA3 is new, it will be the main game. If you are interested in joining, it is good practice against awesome players that isnt shown online on your rank or record. Hopefully we can get a great range of players. To sign up, please register on our forums, or sign up through Team addIcT on IRC: irc.GameSurge.net #Team-addIcT -- Hope there is a good turn out!

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member #813
   11/30/2008 3:05 AM
posting in thread: (LAN addIcT 2009)
Hmm... Maybe a bit more info? Such as city and state lol...
Oh and when u said December 27-28, 2009 im guess ing u mean 2008

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