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Global Admin
   4/13/2009 3:42 PM
posting in thread: (Ru Who?)
My Name is RuGu? and I am doing the RuViews.
A RuView is a game review by me. Why? Because I tell it like it is, Im not going to baby any game for a magazine's image. I got tired of reading reviews in PC gamer, or on gamespot about mediocre games being the 'next best thing in gaming'. Games have skated by for too long underachieving and still getting praise by douche bag magazines. So you can get the real story here. Provided I RuView it. I hope to have a suggestions box in the near future, or poll people who read my RuViews on what they would like to see RuViewed next.
I'm pretty big into RTS and FPS, though I do love a good RPG too.
Little more about my gaming preferences.
I used to be a consol gamer, but I switched over to PC. I still remember playing with my dad when I was about 5-6 years old on Atari and InTelevision.
Current Playing:
Left 4 Dead
Median XL (Yes the Diablo II mod, and its the ****)
Men of War
Thinking about Playing:
COH: Tales of Valor
Jumpgate Evolution
Games that I love / Loved:
Counter Strike: Source
Company of Heroes (Vanilla)
Diablo II: LOD
Halo 2
Final Fantasy VIII
Super Mario Brothers 3
Age of Empires II
Dune 2
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twinkle toes
   4/20/2009 3:22 PM
posting in thread: (Ru Who?)
could you pls ruview "Utopia" for the intellivision.
k thx,
Her Ratings would drop.... far lower than yours.
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newbie member
   11/24/2009 8:28 PM
posting in thread: (Ru Who?)
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