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   4/9/2009 9:02 PM
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1. Joke - This game is so bad that it shouldn't be considered a game, but rather a torture device. You will probably spend more time on this game then it deserves because surely it cannot be as bad as you think.


2. Fail - One step above joke, You will probably spend 10 minutes on it before you realize its horrible


3. QQ - It makes you want to cry that you spent money on this PoS.


4. LOL - Any game that makes you laugh at how bad it is, and you will probably keep the case it came in as a reminder of the good laugh you got out of it.


5. hard drive clutter - The game was average at best, and is just another Icon on your desktop, You probably will have a hard time remembering the name when you're friends ask about it.


6. gg no re - Not an awful game, you will probably get your money out of it, but its not going to keep you interested for very long, and is likely to be replaced rather quickly with something better.


7. gg - A game you can settle down with on a regular basis. You probably know exactly where the Icon is on your desktop , or you have given it a special place because it stands above the others.


8. Guru - Some heart and soul went into this game, its evident and will likely be the game you get your friends into, who will also love it. You will probably reminisce about this game several years down the road after they put out a sequel.


9. On a Boat - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7yfISlGLNU. <- says it all.


10. Jizz in My Pants - Words don't describe this game.


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