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   6/22/2018 1:11 AM
posting in thread: (Hockey Mode (Snow Day) - Why remove from playlist?)
The Hockey Mode was one of the best modes the game had in the playlist,.. was a great change of pace after hitting a ball for X games.. and was in general an integral part of the game to me. Now with this update,.. It's been added to private matches, but it's out of the playlist. So you can't matchmake with it. Why? I don't understand the harm in leaving a relatively popular game mode like that in permanently? Why would you remove a part of the multiplayer game.. I understand if it's not the most popular form of play,.. but I never had trouble finding matches, with a full party or solo.. so it certainly isn't just me who enjoyed it in the matchmaking/playlist. Can it be brought back? Does anyone else want it in the matchmaking system?
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