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   4/11/2018 6:34 AM
posting in thread: (Ideas for Clan wars)
Since devs not going to fix the match up for clan wars (including round and primal) but still lots of warriors enjoy/want to do clan wars.I have an idea might help ppls to have some nice clan wars.
Step 1: need 2 WC (better simular size)
Step 2: these 2 WC will invite/recruite 28 to 32 warrios into a same clan
step 3: WC A will seperate those warrios to 2 rosters (each 14 ppls)
step 4: WC B chose either one roster, WC A will have the other roster
step 5: sign up rosters and wait for match up + war
Might spend more time to built these rosters, but at least it will give you guys a fair/close and fun war.
P.S.: if these 2 WC are different size, then WC A will pick a ppl simular to WC B with him, and WC B will pick a ppl that simular to WC A with him.
For more details:

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