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   2/9/2010 10:49 AM
posting in thread: (how to see the whole tournament?)
hey fellas, im new to this whole thing I played a few matches in Generals Zero hour,
I had no problems with that, but when i wanted to see my place in the tournament i come on the page: http://clanwars.cc/league_warriorrankings.aspx?GID=12
Is there a way I can see more than only the first 35 ranks in this league? I have position 69 (i know it's the last position) But how can i see page 2 of the tournament? i cant find a next page button nowhere! please help!
Thank the person who gives me the answeR!
hi fellas
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Dan Potash lied
   2/10/2010 7:46 AM
posting in thread: (how to see the whole tournament?)
type in your warrior name or type in a rank to search on up above the ladder
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