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Online...   Galeth
ArCh4Ng3L   rank: #18
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fresh off of power win number 30 this month
   7/15/2021 3:51 AM
posting in thread: (AR: 1.6 vs SaG - ID: 4731)
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1.6  vs  SaG


1.6 (#10)
 ArCh4Ng3L (#17)   Mordor

1 v 1
Amon Hen

SaG (#7)
 ENUMA[RA] (#16)   Men

Not reported with faction.I uploaded both games as a proof that it wouldnt be mistaken with this faction-less report.
game is here-->http://www.clanwars.cc/league_game.aspx?GID=2&GameID=232801 
in simple words, he reported only first game without factions and not the re.  

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BFME2 Admin-Ec  
League Admin
   7/18/2021 6:00 PM
posting in thread: (AR: 1.6 vs SaG - ID: 4731)
This AR request has been approved and processed; game id is: 242827

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Thread is Locked.

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